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Patrick's Day

2019-04-15 20:17:19

• SXSW 2014, World Premiere Narrative Spotlight
• Woodstock Film Fest, 2014, Haskell Wexler Award for Best Cinematography
• Woodstock Film Fest, 2014, Jury Prize
Galway Film Fleadh, 2014, Best Feature Film
• IFTA 2015, Nominated Best Cinematography
IFTA 2015, Nominated Best Film
Mannheim-HeidelbergInternational Film Festival 2014, Cinema Owners Award

At Woodstock Film Festival, Michael was awarded the Haskell Wexler Award for Best Cinematography. In granting the award, Wexler, the two time Oscar award winning DOP (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, In The Heat of The Night) noted:
"This award is based on what I consider true cinematography, not just on the traditional dexterity. He has that. 
Michael Lavelle's work on "Patrick's Day" shows a profound understanding of the story and his ability to employ DP skills such as framing, lighting and camera movement is subtle in unselfconscious ways to subliminally involve the viewer. One of many examples is the transition from the viewer to the POV of the psychologically troubled main character, contrasted to what we consider the "sane". This is not unlike the Cuckoo's Nest question of who belongs in society's booby hatch. 
I give this award enthusiastically to an exceptional, talented film-maker, Michael Lavelle.
Take it easy but take it."
- Haskell Wexler A.S.C.

Watch the Haskell Wexler Award at Woostock Film Festival 2014 

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"Beautifully shot." Cinematography 5*****STARS
"Cinematographer Michael Lavelle, whose minimalist style on the superb documentary His & Hers worked to great effect, continues his run of "framing emotion with lightness of touch" married to an intimate use of POV to frame the emotional scenes. Notice has been made elsewhere about the key scene in the third act, but it bears repeating that this sequence is "amongst the best uses that film has ever been put to on this island...
...Ultimately Patrick’s Day is an incredibly impressive work of fiction. A powerful, hard-hitting and emotional ride of a film, "superbly framed" and exquisitely performed, and is worth every cent of the admission price." - Niall Murphy, SCANNAIN

"Working with Michael Lavelle, cinematographer on His & Hers, and Emer Reynolds, among our most gifted editors, McMahon comes up with a persuasive visual grammar that dances vigorously to the film’s changing moods. At moments of intimacy, the extreme close-ups are seductive and soothing." - Donald Clarke, THE IRISH TIMES

"Amidst a crew that goes well beyond the call of duty...cinematographer Michael Lavelle deserves a special mention here, tripping the light fantastically as Patrick's tightrope between heaven and hell begins to blur." - Paul Byrne, MOVIES.IE 

"...the sheer poetry of the visuals..."
"One of the the most impressive things about the film, apart from the absolutely pitch perfect performances by all of the four leading actors, is the way the sound and visuals support the story and engage us. Light, texture, focus, silence, music and muted sound are used to brilliant effect. Usually these kinds of stylistic devices draw attention to the film maker. Here, in the masterful hands of director Terry McMahon, his cinematographer Michael Lavelle and the rest of the production team, they do the exact opposite, drawing us ever more deeply into the characters, their dilemmas and their struggles to resolve them. " - Andy Harmon, THE DESERT SUN

"McMahon’s writing skill is apparent from the get go, and whose style of direction seems to blend perfectly with the expert work of cinematographer Michael Lavelle. Shot in a simplistic yet incredibly technical manner, it is the perfect display of technique meeting storytelling resulting in a staggeringly beautiful film. Particular mention must go to a sequence in the third act, one which is truly horrific but incredibly powerful, and one which solidifies the message of the film; with memories of a similar sequence from Requiem for a Dream – it is truly one that must be seen to be believed." - Conor Fleming, FILM IRELAND

"...tight framing that suffocates - Patrick is first seen through the ‘prison bars’ of a supermarket trolley, the aisles on either side hemming him in further." - Gavin Burke, ENTERTAINMENT.IE

"Shot in a semi-subjective fashion by the fantastic cinematographer Michael Lavelle, the filmmakers draw the viewer into Patrick’s fractured psyche, and by shooting in a heightened, artistic fashion, the film carries a dream-like quality that extends all the way to the final shot..." - Nick Clememt, PODCASTING THEM SOFTLY

The striking cinematography by Michael Lavelle captures the essence of the story and brings it to life." - Rachael Hussey, THE CITY

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