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Cardboard Gangsters

2019-04-15 20:17:52


Special Jury Mention for Best Cinematography - Manchester International Film Festival, 2017
Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking: Foreign Film - Newport Beach Film Festival, 2017
Best Film - Manchester International Film Festival, 2017
Best Film of the Festival - Manchester International Film Festival, 2017


"The star of the show is Michael Lavelle’s camera. O’Connor has talked him into long shots that follow the characters all the way down the street and into busy houses. He sets the scene at a party by taking us all around the action in one enormously busy take. Jay’s DJ set buzzes with delicious, oily energy. The punch-ups and pursuits are choreographed with an invention that stops just short of inappropriate relish....It’s noisy, loud, violent and sad. Cult popularity beckons." Donald Clarke, Irish Times

"Boasting the feverish temperament of a Guy Ritchie picture, the ghetto angst of Danny Boyle’s TRAINSPOTTING, and the kitchen sink realism of Ken Loach and Mike Leigh’s finest films, CARDBOARD GANGSTERS is an unflinching, sadistic, and unabashedly realistic portrayal of the Irish drug trade....Mark O’Connor uses his camera to toy, and subvert, the conventions of genre-films that precede his feature outing. Adding a postmodern twist to his naturalist film, his camera glides through Darndale, tracking his fellow lads in their debauchery."Crossfader Magazine [Sergio Zaciu]

"The energetic pace of the story is maintained by slick cinematography from Michael Lavelle (Patrick’s Day). Many choreographed one-take shots were executed skilfully which complemented the style and energy of the film. This colourful visual portrayal of Dublin crime is a welcome contribution to Irish cinema and brings a strong element of fun to this film." Film Ireland

"Darndale is a (beautifully shot) concrete jungle..."