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From The Dark

2019-04-15 20:36:34

"Additional praise has to go to Michael Lavelle’s cinematography which succeeds in finding the right balance between having dark be dark enough to remain threatening while being light enough that you can still see what’s going on." Richard Drumm FILM IRELAND

"...the spooky mood with stark, naturally-lit photography. Inky, black shadows and eerie, moonlit fog dominate the film’s palette... rich imagery broods with menace. From the Dark looks every bit the part of a rural nightmare, where danger prowls about in every shadow." Brett Gallman OH THE HORROR

"A lot of the credit belongs to cinematographer Michael Lavelle who skilfully conveys the sense of rural Ireland as an isolated wilderness. From the Dark unfolds in Offaly, with Lavelle working hard to make the locality seem ethereal and haunted. Long grass sways in the wind, the sky lights up with beautiful colours at sunrise and sunset. From the Dark manages to expertly capture a sense of the countryside that is both breathtaking and alien. It seems like a world that is simultaneously magical and dangerous." MOVIEBLOG

"...remarkable, with a wonderful use of out-of-focus shots cleverly disguising the budget limitations. The creature is never shown clearly, but manages to come across as a truly frightening presence." Guillem Rosset, TWICH FILM

"From the Dark is one of the more chilling creature features that I have seen in quite some time. It helps that the creature in question is actually scary, and shot in a style that reveals enough of its grotesque Nosferatu-meets-Goblin King visage to be utterly creepy without giving too much away. The shadowy cinematography by Michael Lavelle manages to toe the line of being dark enough to be intimidating without being so dark that you have no idea what is going on--something that very few horror films seem to be able to do as of late, too infatuated with the idea of lighting everything as dimly as possible in order to cover up any deficiencies in budget." Lee Jutton, JUST PRESS PLAY